Open Letter to Barr. Natasha: Have a Rethink, Lest You Fall


When I gained admission into Unijos to study medicine and surgery in 2012 after 4 years of graduation, I came across this guy who is now my best friend till date in medical school. He was nice and very cool. But one day when we were still in 100level, he did something very bad and I walked up to him and confronted him. I was determined to end the friendship on that fateful day.

The reason was simple, he knew I did something wrong but because he doesn’t want to offend me, he wouldn’t confront me according to him. I told him I don’t keep friends who can’t face me anytime to point out my error!

Dear Barr. Natasha, I have never met you in person let alone had any discussion with you regarding your ambition for Kogi central leadership.

When I watched your passionate address to the joint National Assembly regarding Ajaokuta revival, I told myself, this is the kind of person we need in central not just for Ajaokuta alone but for other pressing issues begging for help. So, I took it upon myself too to contribute my own quota no matter how little (a drop of water make an ocean) but I must confess that I am disappointed in you!

As your supporter, if I can’t air my view about your decision because I don’t want to see you fail, if I must always be on the same page with you no matter how bad your dancing step is,  then it’s not worth it wasting my time because that’s not who I am. Lest I forgot, you are not paying me, my loyalty comes free of charge, good luck in finding sycophants as your friends.

You recently make some blunder about your comments regarding the death of your perceived enemies few days ago which has become an added advantage for your opponent, I tried reaching you via phone calls to register my sincere concern and to warn you that “it’s not everything a hunter see during hunting he must narrate when he returns” and don’t make mistake thinking people can’t stand the heat of truth when revealed because I can assure you that there are more than thousands sons and daughters of Ebira land that will gladly stands for truth even at the point of death.

However, wisdom is required in all things. In all thy getting, you must get understanding) but you were not answering.

On your Facebook page, you wrote: “Abdulrazak Idris aka “Lion” supplier of guns to Abdulraheem Ohiare Sole Administrator of Okehi LGA, Gov. Yahaya Bello’s Chief executioner of violence just died of heart attack.Listen to the leaked audio and know those responsible for the killings in Ebiraland and Kogi State in general.

Dear Enesi Ojo, do not sleep deep until all those responsible directly and indirectly for your death get justice served.

Natasha H Akpoti

Daughter of Dr. Jimoh Abdul Akpoti SDP”

I for one believe that your statement above is best explained as been glad for the death of Mattaz.

Your opponent copy that message and circulate it everywhere without adding the audio. No matter what he has done, allow him to face his God, he wasn’t sentenced to death by Court.

As as a leader, some utterances doesn’t befit you even if it’s right. That was my sincere advice and Natasha blocked me on her Facebook account. Since you are looking for praise singers, I wish you good luck in finding a bunch of them. When you have lost all your diamonds, you will be left with stones.

I was hoping you could teach your opponent a better way of leadership, show them the new way of leading, give the people an alternative. A murderer and someone rejoicing at the death of someone are the same please! That ugly statement shouldn’t have emanated from you. You are not under duress to update your Facebook page.

In case you don’t know, you are gradually talking yourself out and damaging your reputation seconds by seconds by giving your Enemies an opportunity. I know you have thousands of supporters but be reminded that if you keep loosing your friends and adding more enemies, it’s a matter of time and you will be surprised that the once Reverend Amazon has become stories.

I think you should pray the court favours you because if they ordered for another election, I can assure you that you may not score half of your last score even if it’s free and fair election because of this your comments. The comments may look benign to you but your opponents has turned it upside down for you which is why you must zip your mouth and open it only when Necessary as a leader.

Enjoy the music of politics…….In this, you and I differ sharply!

– D. S. Omeiza
Ex-National President, Kogi State Medical Students Association (KOMSA)

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