By; Otori

In my opinion and popular survey, Governor Yahaya Bello still remain the best option for the people of Kogi State for many positive reasons. I will take these reasons one after the other for the purpose of educating ourselves.

Governor Yahaya Bello is the only aspirant that is tested and trusted that has the political will to take hard and tough decisions in the best interest of the state without pandering to group, tribal, religion and other mundane premordial sentiments.

He is a role model in purposeful and selfless leadership. There is the compelling need for continuity so that he can bring into logical conclusion his ongoing legacy projects as encapsulated in his well thought out new direction vision and change mantra. He is the only aspirant that is youths and gender sensitive. He is the only aspirant without corruption baggage since his days as a public servant and executive governor of Kogi state .

He is the only aspirant that means well for the state as a detribalised Nigerian leader who is not a tribal bigot and religion jingoist. He is a barrier breaker who is guided by the spirit of nationalism and uncommon patriotism . He is a prudent leader who wears accountability and transparency in governance like a badge of honour.. He is a visionary leader with a good sense of social and equitable justice in governance.

He should be allowed to complete his reforms.in the civil service system and pension matters . He should be allowed to consolidate on his achievements in the areas of security, Infrastructures and portable water supply in Kogi central and other parts of Kogi state.

He deserves a second term in office given his Sterling performance since his assumption in office.in 2016.

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