(Part IV)

It is quite pathetic when indigenes who are expected to encourage the State Government to perform tilt to the part of destruction and character assassination – a case study of the false and misinformation peddled against the current Special Adviser to the Governor on Ministry of Local Government and chieftaincy Affairs,Engr. Abubakar Sadiq Ohere who had generally been commended by NULGE and NUT recently.

As an active participant on social media, I couldn’t have not notice series of concocted lies pelted by this writer on Engr. Abubakar Ohere in a bit to perhaps bring down his image.

Perusing the publications by this social media guys, I begin to wonder if their actions are offshoot of what we called JUVENILE DELINQUENCY or simply an agent of distraction.

In the recent scrabbled comments about the distinguish Special Adviser were they noted that the Special Adviser stashed billion of naira in different bank accounts left me totally convince that they needs behavioural and mental re-orientation.

Indeed some young men still needs to live with their guardians or parents to fit proper into our contemporary society.

I will not rush to the conclusion than they are being sponsored, as there points are always poorly stated knowing too well no one will patronize their likes but if my guess are wrong then the sponsors should be in the know that it is a waste of money, time and resources.

My candid advice to the blackmailers is not to waste there youthful days in becoming an agent of distraction when there mates are aiming high and getting achievement in our society.

Those behind this devilish plans against Engr. Ohere should stop seeking undue attentions,as it does not change the fact that the Special Adviser on Ministry of Local Government and chieftancy Affairs is discharging his statutory responsibilities diligently and is being applauded by the kogi people.

A word is enough for the wise… (EXPECT PART V)


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