The name Hon.Engineer Abubakar Sadiq Ohere,the Special Adviser to the Executive Governor of kogi state on Ministry of Local Government and Chieftancy Affairs has been in the public service for decades and has remain an active player in the political equation in kogi state.
it is instructive to note that a man whose relevance in politics today has never dwindled for once is by no means a man of mean political is upon this premise I want to xray the the political pedigree of the man,Hon. Engr. Abubakar Ohere for all to judge if he is indeed a pushover or corrupt as alleged by the online media mercenaries.
In recent times we have read with so much disdain the online media attacks on the personality of our most respected Special Adviser by some touts whose pay masters were the political sons and daughters of irrelevant godfathers,it is even more embarrassing when such statements are coming from the likes of those that failed the people of kogi state in the past,who are relatively unknown and more of a political burden to thier immediate constituency and the party they represent, these aforementioned people and are people who rose to prominence in their party by mere propaganda, blackmail and mischief which is the hallmark of the opposition.
Futhermore,i would want to say categorically that looking at the pedigree of Hon. Ohere, it is obvious that no amount of blackmail and campaign of calumny will deter him from moving on and offering his wealth of experience to move the local government administration forward.
I want to emphasis that though i have met one on one with this distinguish Engineer, i have been his secret admirer from a comfortable distance and have study and know him too well that i find it expedient to respond to any political mischief that is directed towards his personality.

His political ingenuity and importance was further reaffirmed by the New Direction Administration of Gov. Yahaya Bello when he was appointed as the Special Adviser in the ministry of Local Government and Chieftancy Affairs,in addition to other critical assignment that bear relevance to the stabilisation and fortune of the party by the present gorvernment
it was as a result of his strategic position and relevance in the political organogram of the state that he was further given a assignments of higher responsibility,it is natural for members of the opposition to be apprehensive.
while they are trying to orchestrate a campaign of calumny and deformation of character on the personality of Hon. Ohere and other well meaning and respected chiefains,but Ohere has resorted to politics without bitterness.


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