The ruling All Progressives Congress in kogi may Zone Assembly Speaker To Lokoja-Koto Axis.

Findings showed that the members-elect from various constituencies in kogi west were making demands of a competent and capable leadership.

Some of the newly elected lawmakers who spoke to Nigerian Trend argued that okun speaking area had produced speaker,secretay to state Government and Commissioner for Finance throughout this dispensation and said Lokoja-koto should be rewarded with speaker position which the okuns were presently clamouring for.

A member-elect said, “Our argument is that, when the former speaker,Umar Imam became Speaker, he spent just one year, and he is from Lokoja,its on record that they never allow lokoja to complete their four years in the Assembly due to one flimsy reasons or the other.

“What we are now saying is that, given the pattern that we have had before and that Lokoja speakership has been able to stabilise and balance the equation of marginalization,it is only fair that we allow that structure to continue for the next four years. The people of lokoja would have a sense of belonging, of having a speaker from kogi west zone.”

Another APC chieftain from kabba town in kogi west supported the call for zoning of the top legislative seat to lokoja-kogi axis.

“AccordIng to him,the reason why we want these position zoned to lokoja-kogi is that though the incumbent Speaker became Speaker by accident,as Imam resigns due to reasons best known to him,but we expect the arrangement to now be balanced,we cant have SSG,Commissioner for Finance in the same zones leaving the minority in same zone without any principal position,its not fair,he said.

The aspirants for the Speakership are Hon. Kolawole Mathew from kabba-Bunu,Hon. Isa Umar from Lokoja one,Hon. Omiata from Yagba and Hon Idris Ndakwo from Lokoja Two,some of whom are aspiring for the position, said that it would be unfair for the ruling party to zone the office elsewhere.
In a press statement issued lastweek in lokoja,coalition of youth group’s spokesperson,Mohammed Lawal said the call was politically and morally right.

He said that with the SSG and Commissioner for Finance from Yagba and Commissioner for Agriculture,and others from kabba-Ijumu, the Lokoja-koto should be supported to produce the next Speaker.He said,” the Lokoja, being the capital in the state deserves nothing less than the Speaker.

“This is only fair, just and equitable and again this will further re-assure the people of Lokoja-koto that the present government of Governor Bello has the interest of our people at heart.


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