UNVEILING THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE HON. SHIRU LAWAL. A Quest Propelled By Desire Tho Serve His People


It has often been argued that the process of getting to an office is skewed in favor of the affluent and the powerful to the detriment of quality, intergrity and competence. However, there are still people who make a positive difference wherever they find themselves. Such people leave places and people better than they met them by sheer hard work, purpose driven, fear of God and intergrity, they become turn around agents, impact the environment and people around them in a progressive manner. Positive change then becomes a life style that trails them in their journey through life.

Sometimes,it becomes expedient to hold afloat the hand of such people and announce them to the world, not just to encourage them to remain on the path of progress but to also showcase them as examples to others, particularly in a clime where such men seem to be in short supply, where people seem to seek office, not to impact on society through service, but for personal aggrandizement and enjoy the perks of office.

Election and electioneering period present a good opportunity to celebrate such people and encourage them to remain on the path of progress and transformation.

It is on this basis we say thank you to our dinstinguished and respected Outgoing Administrator of Lokoja local government area.Hon. Shiru has clearly shown that he electable to represent the interest of the entire lokoja people being a Nupe,Hausa,Kakanda,Yoruba,Igbo,Oworo,Bassange and Kupa.

The umbrella body of Lokoja Association need to host the outgoing Administrator to a grand reception,because Hon. Shiru Lawal has done what many political appointees or elective officers could not achieved,we say ” KUBETU,GURU, SOKOADOBOYI”(Nupe-meaning, welldone for your good deeds,God will continue to be with you and your family).


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