Some parts of Old-Market was engulfed on fire this evening due to electrical fault which an eye witness confirmed to Nigerian Trend.

The incident which took place in the Night by 11;16pm Thursday,23rd May,2019 was said to be an electrical fault in one of the shops within the historic market.

Reports emanating from the market claims that some close shops at the market were engulfed on fire too.

Unverified reports also claims the owner of the affected shop was called by the vililantee group to immediately rushed to opened his shop to enable symphatizers to gain access to help in puting off the fire .

Neighbours in the market confirmed that the owner of the affected shop was an Ibo man who sells provisions.

Fortunately,the fire fighters were on ground to help in putting off the fire,the full extent of damages is yet to be known as at the time of filing this report.


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