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Kogi, Confluence state, is indeed blessed with great men and women, who have earned global recognition, having excelled in their respective fields of endeavours.

The state is also bountifully endowed with mineral resources and tourism, that could help to launch the state on the path of sustainable socio-economic transformation, if properly harnessed and utilised.

Gov. Yahaya Bello led administration has put up his best to improve on what he met on ground and has done so much to give the state a befitten status. The governor has also laid a solid foundation that has propel enduring growth and development of the state.

” So, today, the result of his efforts continues to hold the state in growth, economically and infrastructurally”.

Moving close to the end of his tenure, its mandatory for him to search for a successor, a trusted, faithful, loyal, honest, committed and kindhearted person to hand over to.

The fact remains that Gov. Bello, in his innermost mind know who to hand over to, but as to many discerning minds, should consider His Deputy Governor, Elder Edward David Onoja, he will do better if given the opportunity to serve”.

I could vividly remember when Gov. Bello along with his Siamese twin took over in 2016, they met the state in squalor, a pitiable situation that shows a clear picture of 12 years of holocaust, impoverishment of the masses, abject povert, hunger, crime, huge arrears of unpaid salaries, pensions and gratuities, dilapidated schools and health facilities.

It is because of the deplorable state of affairs in the state in 2016 that God in his miraculous and divine ways brought Gov. Yahaya Bello, to take a foray into the murky waters of politics to quickly halt the steady and worrisome drift of the state deep down the quagmire.

Gov. Bello came, saw and conquerer.

Having a passion for service and providing good governance cannot be taken to be desperation. It certainly would be preposterous for any reasonable person or group to attribute Elder Edward Onoja commitment and passion to service as desperation.

Reacting to insinuation that Onoja is desperate to govern kogi state, a lokoja resident, Elder Olayinka said Deputy Governor was never a desperate person, but maybe desperate to be governor to work for kogi people ,desperate to serve the people of kogi, desperate to build modern hospitals, quality infrastructure and good schools for our children, desperate to get kogi more developed,“If this is what it means to be desperate, then Edward Onoja is desperate.

“ Rather than desperation, Onoja ambition to govern Kogi is driven essentially by his undying love for his state.

The recent unfolding political developments ahead of the governorship primaries of APC, have proved that Providence is working Edward David Onoja’s favour and his time is truly now, Certainly, there is no stopping him!

Therefore, it is incumbent on all delegates of good conscience to rally round him and vote for the future of the state.

“Onoja still stands head and shoulders above his opponents, considering his track record of achievements, integrity, character, honesty, trustworthiness, capacity, competence and compassion.

April, 14 offers the APC Delegates yet another opportunity to elect a man whose achievements are verifiable.

A vote for Onoja is a vote for securing the future of kogi children and youths.

Abubakar Sule. H
•Lokoja-based public affairs commentator.

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