2023: Why Abdullahi Haruna SAN Is The Best Choice For Governor, Kogi State

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Our state, kogi, is at an epochal moment that will determine whether we make the bend to get on the road to development or if we regress. There is little doubt that most kogite are disappointed with the condition of our state. For a state that is blessed with abundant solid mineral resources, arable land and some of the best human capital in Nigeria, it is without a doubt that kogi should not be in its current sorry state.

Kogi is the largest producer of raw materials in clay, limestone, kaolin, silica, tar sand and decorative rocks, in Nigeria which if properly harnessed, would provide job opportunities for our fast growing population and teeming unemployed youths.
So why is a state so blessed with such an array of raw materials, many of which have not been harnessed, be in such a terrible state where there is mass youth unemployment and despair? That is an issue at play here as Delegates go to the poll to elect a governorship candidate on April, 2023. It is clear that if we are to change our story from despair to a new era of new economic opportunities, development and growth, delegates must elect in a governor that means business. That person is Alhaji Abdullahi Haruna the Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), as candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Abdullahi Haruna SAN comes with verifiable records of performance as a commissioner for justice. He has distinguished himself excellently at the state then to the benefit of all kogite. Abdullahi will replicate his endless developmental strides exemplified by the numerous projects he attracted to kogi state and beyond while serving as Hon. Commissioner for justice. He will also be bringing his vast experience to bear in the management of the state resources as Governor of Kogi State if given the opportunity.

Abdullahi Haruna SAN is a development-oriented administrator. As Governor if given the opportunity, Abdullahi would usher in a new vista of hope and opportunities for kogite. His emergence will also improve the relationship and enhance synergy between the Federal and Kogi State Governments and thereby, attract the needed development currently eluding the hard working and peaceful people of the State.

A peek into the BAND agenda of Abdullahi Haruna’s manifesto shows a candidate that has done serious work. Kogite who have followed him before and now would notice that he has shown a clear understanding of the needs of our people and has equally articulated a very clear and measurable agenda towards meeting the needs. His manifesto and presentations shows understanding and clear intent, which kogite cannot take for granted.

Part of his manifestos said: “Our men and women must have decent jobs that allow a good quality of life. Our programme for the next 4 years in Kogi State if given the opportunity will bring back job creation, a productive economy, a sense of community and respect for people. Creating jobs for young people is a challenge which will define us, for this generation and the next, and will remain a key priority for us as part of our long-term commitment to full employment.”

He adds: “To create jobs, we will introduce an ambitious ‘Kogi State Employment, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Programme (DEEP) and will support our Social Economy and our Small and Medium Enterprises. DEEP is an unbreakable commitment to be fulfilled with innovative ideas and reforms targeting massive private-sector economic development and growth through responsible management of government resources and processes.

“The driving strategy behind DEEP will create modern cluster industries and manufacturing centres that will generate good jobs in every Local Government Area (LGA) of Kogi State. Our target is to create the right environment and support mechanism, including structured state guarantees, for the private sector to develop at least 5 major employment-generating corporate vehicles in each LGA annually. These will drive well-organised, government-supported and actively supervised Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to be strategically spread across the State on the basis of the unique economic strength of each LGA. This is at the core of our overall BUILD A NEW Kogi – BAND governance agenda.”

Kogi State has not had a leader who lucidly articulates his vision as Abdullahi Haruna does. Haruna’s manifesto immensely underscores his passion and the promise of a new kogi anchored on creating employment, development, good governance and enduring security.

Yet another plus is that Alhaji Abdullahi Haruna SAN is a detribalised kogite whose actions, body language and antecedents are devoid of ethnic sentiments. Rather, he has performed exceedingly well in his duties and has established friendships in various communities, local government areas, senatorial districts across Kogi State and beyond. All these are assets that will come handy to Build A New kogi State.

When it comes to the imperatives and challenges of development in Kogi State, kogite should trust Abdullahi Haruna SAN who has delivered on his electoral promises in the past as a commissioner.
I urge kogi delegates to choose this trustworthy, progressive-minded and detribalised kogite who has a clear vision of massive infrastructural and social development of Kogi State come April gubernatorial primaries.

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