A. A Rano Fuel Stations Debunks selling Fuel At N400 per litre

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By Abubakar S. H

The Chairman of A. A Rano, leading oil and gas company, has responded to widespread rumors claiming that the stations are selling petrol at N400 per litre.

The management has said the news, which circulated on Wednesday night, created excitement among Nigerians, considering the recent increase in petroleum product prices following the government’s removal of subsidy.

The spread of the false news had caused a stir among consumers, who hoped for more affordable fuel prices amidst the current economic challenges.

In a swift response, A. A Rano management clarifies the situation and dispels any misconceptions surrounding their pricing practices.

“We dismissed the report as fake and misleading”. The company urged the public to disregard the information entirely, emphasizing that it does not sell petrol at the stated rate in any of its selected stations.

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