Asuku: A Game Changer of Kogi Politics

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Since its creation in August 1991, Kogi state has been plagued with numerous bottlenecks even though the territory is blessed with abundant mineral resources. In terms of leadership structure, ardent followers of political trends can seamlessly highlight the success stories in sequence of hope, accountability and visionary pride. The Confluence state is beaming with giant strides on the benevolent step of perfection juxtaposing a redefining phase of the ‘New Direction’ government under the stewardship of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello. A cursory assessment from 2016 when the incumbent Governor took over the mantle of leadership would reveal that Kogi state has gained relevance across the borders of Nigeria thereby attracting foreign investors to tap into the unlimited opportunities naturally domiciled in the territory. This template is just a background dwell of stories heralding the voyage of Chief (Pharm.) Abdulkareem Moh’d Jamiu Asuku into the frontiers of politics.

The decision of Governor Bello to appoint resourceful personalities to serve in his government paved way for the young but equivocally versatile Asuku to emerge as the Director-General of Protocol in Lugard House and subsequently his appointment as the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Kogi state. No doubt, the political attainments of this vibrant trailblazer par excellence would serve as guide for scholars of successful political history, theories and practice to consult in the near future because looking back the years he has performed beyond human expectations in terms of prompt service delivery, proactive disposition to duties and professional attainments. In Kogi state, the name Asuku is crested in the minds of majority of Kogites as a patriotic achiever, the game changer and a torchbearer illuminating many paths of success.

The personality of this rare gem is winged on the parameters of adorable humility and remarkable generosity. His personal idiosyncracy is giving without season or ceasing and this rare gesture has endeared him to the hearts of his people. An observer once rated Asuku’s uncommon yet magnanimous lifestyle in a fix: “Asuku is a dangerous giver”. This is not a campaign for the renowned pharmacist; a product of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria who is making greater exploits in politics across board.

Asuku’s humility can be rated as second to none and he is one amongst few who abhors assisting the helpless or downtrodden to push his humanitarian gestures published online or offline. This trait is scarce in the Nigerian political space especially in the contemporary era where giving to the masses is accorded a wider publicity; televised to the broader audience and at the same time archived for campaign diatribes.

In the words of Pharm. Asuku, “I am a son of nobody. I was not born with a rubber spoon not even a silver spoon. I know what it takes to be in school without food and by the special grace of Almighty Allah I shall continue to do my best to ensure that whosoever is sick, seeking for school fees or hungry gets timely assistance because I understand the pain”.

His standpoint is not a mere political dribble or jingle but a reality of approach which he never deviated till date. To cite an instance, rumours have it that the intelligent Pharmacist is a proud owner of some medical facilities in Kogi state which is however not true. Meanwhile, the main reason for this twist is not farfetched. Asuku’s humanity driven disposition to assist the sick by paying medical bills even without knowing these patients in person triggered the rumor. In Kogi state, some many ailing patients are enjoying free medical services in choice hospitals across the confluence state courtesy of Chief Jamiu Asuku. If at all this revelation enjoy the readership of this great icon of developmental strides, he would not be pleased because he is a man who hates blowing his trumpet and also discourage people who are close to him from blowing it. For Asuku, it is humanity first!

The above scenario is just a tip of the iceberg. Within and outside the shores of Kogi state, Pharm. Asuku is sponsoring the educational pursuit of many indigent students who he does not know in person, have any personal relationship with or know their parents. Presently, numerous students of Kogi origin studying within and outside the state are beneficiaries of semester allowance gifted from Asuku’s personal income. As usual,  beneficiaries are being cautioned by their benefactor (Asuku) not to disclose any of these interventions to any third party. Aside Asuku’s personal effort to improve educational development in Kogi state, he has used his good office to recommend the upgrade of many institution – secondary and tertiary – in Kogi state and the establishment of Kogi State School of Science & Technology, Osara is worthy of note.

Furthermore, as a peacemaker of repute, while serving as the Chief of Staff to the Governor he used his office to mend many broken bridges through effective consultations, timely visit and settlement of aggrieved parties irrespective of political affiliation. Little doubt, the Ata of Igala; the Chairman, Kogi State Council of Traditional Rulers identified Asuku’s approach and honoured him with a chieftaincy title, Ogoloshi Ane’Igala (the bridge builder of the Igala kingdom) which is basically a recognition of his outstanding performance in this regard. In fairness to his contemporaries but premium allegiance to truth and justice, Asuku has continued to mend broken bridges in his admirable quest to unify all and sundry. He is poised to unite Kogi state devoid of ethnic sentiments or religious bigotry. It is also a statement of fact that his Principal, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello (a Muslim) built the first Christian Chapel in Kogi Government House and this is a sole result of collective effort ably facilitated by his team. Interestingly, the landmark was achieved during Asuku’s tenure as the Chief of Staff. This is commendable!

In November 2023, Kogites shall return to the poll to vote their next Governor. We want to reiterate clearly, that the best politician who is willing and ready should be given the opportunity to serve if only the good people of Kogi state are resolute in understanding especially as it concerns dividends of democracy in the 21st century. Pharmacist Asuku has proved beyond doubt that he is focused, energetic and ready to steer Kogi state to a lofty height and his antecedents speak a louder volume. Asuku is already a household name in Kogi state because for a very long time ago, he carved a niche for himself through his selfless posture which is not politically inclined but humanity aligned. Asuku is our sure bet!

Courtesy: Friends of Asuku Reality Network (FARN)

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