Democracy Day: Tinubu’s address offers hope for Nigeria – Mama Diaspora

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Emmanuel kehinde,Ilorin

The Founder, Iconic Asiwaju Women/Men of Substance, Chief Aminat Temitople Ajayi, has said that the National Broadcast of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu on June 12, offered renewed hope for Nigeria and its democracy.

She, therefore, urged Nigerians not to despair over the current socio-economic challenges of the nation, adding that there is hope for Nigeria.

Noting the struggle she, President Tinubu, the late Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, (MKO), the late Gani Fawehimi Prof Wole Soyinka, Femi Falano, Dele Momodu and many others engaged to actualise democracy in Nigeria, she said she was happy that democracy has come to stay in the country.

Speaking in an interview with journalists on Monday, she said that the administration of President Tinubu is poised to address the challenges.

Chief Ajayi who was a distinguished delegate at the past 2014 Nigeria’s National Conference where she represented the National Council of Women Societies urged Nigerian women to support the First Lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, adding that the First Lady fought hard for the current democracy that Nigerians are enjoying.

She stated that she is confident that President Tinubu will appoint credible people who will move the nation forward.

She also called on the President to utilise the intellectual powers and talents of young Nigerians, adding that they should be given prominent portfolios in his administration.

She advised the people who had been appointed and those who will be appointed by President Tinubu to be patriotic and work for national interest and development.

She urged them to support and ensure that the laudable vision and programmes of President Tinubu will be actualised for the development of Nigeria.

Noting that people who are aggrieved over the outcomes of the last elections have the right to seek redress in the court, she appealed to all parties to allow peace to reign in Nigeria.

She called on all Nigerians to support President Tinubu’s government for national unity and development.

Chief Ajayi said, “I listened to the speech of President Tinubu on June 12. It was a very good and well-thought-out speech. He reminded us of the struggle for the actualisation of democracy in Nigeria. President Tinubu, late MKO, Late Gani, I and some others, fought aggressively for Democracy in Nigeria. Some of us even went into exile. I was the female voice in the Kudirat Radio that fought for democracy in Nigeria.

“I am one of the happiest women on earth today because I am a living witness to the fight for democracy in Nigeria. When you witness the realisation of what you fought for, you will be happy. I thank the Almighty God that the President of Nigeria today is Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. He really fought for democracy. I keep telling people that there is something about him, there is a mantle that has been given to him by our past heroes. He is a finisher of democracy. I listened to his speech this morning and tears were coming out from my eyes. I said, ‘Democracy, at last, is alive. The government of the people, by the people and for the people. Despite all obstacles and opposition, democracy is alive.’ I think the soul of MKO Abiola is dancing in heaven right now. The soul of Awolowo is dancing in heaven right now. The souls of our heroes past who participated in the struggle for democracy are rejoicing now.

“Look at the performance of President Tinubu within the past few days. He has taken bold, decisive and progressive decisions. People are talking about the removal of subsidy on petrol, I keep telling them that President Tinubu is a well-groomed Economist and Accountant who is knowledgeable; in managerial and financial matters. He has administrative and accounting acumen. He was an accountant with Mobil. It is not a joke. Now he is the President of Nigeria. Nigeria is blessed. Every past hope is alive now. Agriculture is a priority. Mass production of food will take care of hunger and unemployment.” His actions so far have shown that a first-class brain is on the Seat of Aso Rock. “I want to advise those who have been given and those who will be given political appointments, to use them well. It is not by power or might, it is by the special grace of God. When the mantle is on your hand, do good to the people on your way up because nothing stays permanent so that you will not languish when you come down.”

“Many people were annoyed at the removal of petrol subsidy. We should be thinking of Plan A, which is food subsidy, and transport subsidy. Nigeria will soon look like the United States of America. Why are people going to other countries, because they have plenty of food and mass transportation? I was excited when he passed the Electricity Act 2023.”

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