*Eid-el-Kabir: Babalola Preaches peace, unity, support for President

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  • Says God will soon address Nigeria’s challenges,

Emmanuel kehinde,Ilorin 

A former Kwara State governorship aspirant, Engineer Pastor Sunday Adebayo Babalola, has called on the Muslim faithful to exhibit the lessons of Eid-el-Kabir in their daily lives. He urged them to display sacrifice, love peace and brotherhood, adding that Nigerians should ensure national unity, cohesion and harmonious co-existence. has urged Nigerians not to despair over current national hardships.

In his Eid-el-Kabir message on Thursday, he also said the current national challenges would not last long.

He added that that God will soon visit Nigeria and address its current challenges.

He pleaded with Nigerians to persevere and not be frustrated over the current challenges and hardships facing the nation.

He further advised Nigerians to support and pray for President Ahmed Bola Tinubu so that he will deliver good governance and dividends of democracy to Nigerians.

He stated that without prejudice to the court cases, Nigerians should support anybody who is the President of the country.

Babalola said, “The current hardship will not be long-lasting. Things definitely will change in Nigeria for the better. If the President continues to move in this direction, we only need to be patient. Things will change.

.“For what is happening in the nation today, everybody should be patient. For things to get better, they can get hard but eventually, they will get better.

“I wish the President well. I wish him happiness during this season. I pray that God will continue to give him the wisdom to run this nation, which is very complex. I pray for him every day that he will succeed because his success is what will benefit all of us. His failure will never benefit us. We must desire that whoever is there will be successful. That is why I am praying for his success.

“Nigerians should support President Tinubu, as long as he is the one sitting there, we should support him. Without prejudice to the presidential court cases, anybody that is there should be supported. Even if I am the one, they should support me. We should support whoever is there because that is what will benefit us. Any other thing will not benefit anybody at all. When the cases are decided, won and lost, whoever wins, we should support the person. If the person is still President Tinubu, we should continue to support him so that he can deliver for the nation.”

He added, “I wish the Muslim faithful happy celebrations. I wish them peace and prosperity and joy during this occasion. They should remember the reasons for the season. It is a season of sacrifice, giving your best to God and giving your best to people. That is what was demonstrated by the Eid celebration. I wish them and all of theirs, happy celebrations.

“I pray that the President will continue to move on. I pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for him.

“Nigerians should have more sense of unity and brotherhood. Unity and brotherhood are essential for peace and progress. If we are divided, we can not make progress. For a house divided against itself can not survive. We need Nigerians to seize this opportunity to be more united with one another and they will cease the blessings of God come upon the nation.”

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