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Alhaji Dr. Sanusi Abubakar GAMJI is an entrepreneur, successful business man with the honest love of his people at heart. He is a fulfilled figure whose track record of consistent philanthropic services have spanned over two decades in Kogi State.

In 2014, quite numbers of political elites, groups and relevant stakeholders led by political bigwigs from three geopolitical zones came with clarion call for GAMJI to join partisan politics having noted his records of good work and antecedents.

These trusted allies reposed much confidence in GAMJI because they knew that he has capacity to translate his lofty ideas and vision for national development if he gets into power. So the political journey began and the team embarked on wide consultations before he was encouraged to accept the offer.

In 2015, this team metermorphosed into indomitable alliance across the state to purchase governorship nomination form for the Noble Icon to run for the exalted office of the governor of Kogi State.

He did quite well in the primary election as a debutant candidate who exhibited courage and bravery with jitters sent into his opponents (heavy weights) ahead of primary particularly, late Abubakar Audu during the race.

His political journey since 2015 to present has assumed trajectory patterns beyond expectations.
Alhaji Dr. Sanusi Abubakar GAMJI is enjoying massive followers and supporters across the state, he is a strong Member of KOGi ELDERS FORUM, an umbrella saddled with political decisions making process and adding more glamour to Kogi State political space.

He was given dual roles in the just concluded Presidential election to assist JAGABAN in mobilising humans and material resources for the realisation of the presidential aspiration of ASIWAJU which he had diligently handled with excellent victory. He was appointed as the Coordinator of TINUBU SUPPORT GROUP (TSG) in Kogi State and also double as Director of Protocol of PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN COUNCIL, (PCC).

In line with his political strategies and permutations, the teeming supporters of GAMJI both in and outside the state are all clamouring to see him ascending to exalted position for national development.

His constituents said Alhaji Dr. Sanusi Abubakar GAMJI has been tested, trusted and he possessed the requisite leadership skills to lead. They stressed further that his vast experience will be brought to bear in governance if given the opportunity to serve.

It is widely believed that he is a silent achiever and a noble Nationalist.

GAMJI Media Team, GMT.

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