Governor Yahaya Bello’s seven years of purposeful leadership

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By Abubakar S. H

On January , 2023, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello clocked seven years as the Governor of Kogi State and commencement of the penultimate lap of his final mandatory two terms as the number one citizen in charge of the Confluence state.

The last seven years of Governor Bello’s administration have witnessed  speedy infrastructural development , but one significant feature of his administration has been his bold, firm, courageous, determined and unwavering commitment to selfless and patriotic service.

On assumption of office, January 2016, Governor Bello met a state where virtually every sector had collapsed, simply rolled up his sleeves and was determined to correct the wrongs, by ensuring that he deliver the dividends of democracy to the people and getting kogi state on the right parts.

Governor Bello hit the ground running from the first day he assumed office in January 2016, fixing roads and, re-organising institutions and establishments, and courageously mending a broken, dysfunctional civil service.

The roadmap to kick-start the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Kogi State had been laid down in the inauguration from the first day he assumed office, and in the typical charismatic, all action fashion which has defined his administration, who was appropriately christened as “NEW DIRECTION AGENDA “. He has not only shamed his critics, but also silenced the opposition by transforming Kogi State to an enviable Heights.

The developmental records of Governor Bello’s administration will confirm that virtually every sector in the state has been positively impacted and the definitive testimony of his dedicated, visionary and progressive leadership was showcased when he contested for presidential race, he came ahead of some notable governors and leaders in the country.

This unprecedented development coming at a time most leaders both in the country and globally used the COVID-19 pandemic as excuse for non performance, has not only become well referenced in the developmental narrative of the country, but has left many social commentators across the states, noted with sincere conviction that the only person who can realistically beat the impressive developmental record which Governor Bello has set so far, is Governor Bello himself.

He frantically told his people in kogi state to go about there businesses and refused to lock down the economy of Kogi State.

Two major points that Gov. Bello stood for are, his administration determination to protect the welfare and interest of every kogi indigenes and to provide infrastructural development for kogi people.

He has also exhibited the courage and boldness to speak truth to power, challenge national policies and decisions which were highly commended by Nigerians.

In the area of infrastructural development, Governor Bello engaged the services of qualified construction firms and it is no longer news that most of the legacy infrastructural projects are being handled by renowned world class International and indigenous construction firms.

An example was the contractor that handled the construction of Muhammadu Buhari Civic Centre, Lokoja, Mr. Friday Idachaba is from Kogi East, and many other indigenous contractors were patronized.

Of course, the delivery of quality projects to the people of Kogi State has been the benchmark with Governor Bello”s administration in the last seven years.

The governor ensure that projects executed  are delivered to specification to serve the people for a long time. This is what Governor Bello has accomplished with class, tremendous success and a lot of goodwill and appreciation from kogi people who have been enjoying and will be the ultimate beneficiaries of these projects.

In protecting and defending the interest and welfare of kogi people, Governor Bello became a legendary example for his fearless commitment to always stand on the side of the people as their champion and his humane and benevolent spirit especially for Kogi people has been unparalleled in the last seven years.

During the construction of Ganaja flyover Bridge in Lokoja, Gov. Bello provided resettlement packages for displaced people in the state, those that building were affected are duelly compensated.

In the last seven years, Governor Bello importance and growing national stature as a political titan, a visionary game changer and a developmental leader, has grown in leaps and bounds. He has also transformed Lokoja and kogi State, into a commercial and tourist hub.

His role during the presidential election as the Chairman, committee on Youth mobilization was well appreciated by the National leadership of All Progressives Congress, APC and his pivotal role played throughout in the national politics earned him exceptional commendations.

It is also on record that he has been bold and pragmatic in reviewing security issues regularly to address insecurity and other unlawful tendencies in kogi state, through the deployment of strategic templates which have often been adopted by other states.

That was the reason why the former Inspector General of Police honoured Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello as the Best Governor in the area of Security.

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