Hajj 2023; Kogi pilgrims leaves for Muna Sunday 25th June, 2023

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Pilgrims from Kogi state performing the 2023 hajj, will be heading to Muna by the night of 25th June, 2023. This is in line with the directive of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, (NAHCON).

According to the traditions of Hajj, pilgrims performing Hajj are expected to observe the Zuhr (Noon) prayer at Muna a day to the Arafat, 8th Dhul-Hijjah, which marks the commencement of Hajj.

According to an official statement from the Kogi Hajj Commission in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, by the night of 26th pilgrims will commence movement to Arafat.

At dawn of this day, Muslim pilgrims will make their way from Mina to a nearby hillside and plain called Mount Arafat and the Plain of Arafat. It was from this site that Prophet Muhammad (SAW), gave one of his last sermons in the final year of his life.

They are expected to descend from the plain of Arafat at sunset on the 27th to musdalipher.

Musdalipher is a valley between Mina and Arafat in which pilgrims on Hajj spend the night in the open and move after fajr prayers back to Muna to prepare for the stoning at jamrat Aqaba on the 28th which is the Eid day.

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