April 16, 2024

Hon. Quincy Group Canvasses For Ododo-Oyibo For Governor

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By Abubakar S.H

The Woman leader for Hon. Adams Bakaso Danfulani Quincy Group, Hajiya Momo Rabi has said that the victory of Ahmed Usman Ododo in Lokoja-koto is sure.

The group recently held a meeting with the head of the Market Women Association in Lokoja to canvass for votes for Ododo/Joel in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

The meeting was attended by various market women including fish sellers, tomato sellers, vegetable sellers, yam sellers and others.

During the meeting, Hajiya Momo Rabi spoke about the importance of supporting Ododo/Joel in the forthcoming election.

She highlighted their track record of good governance and their plans to improve the lives of the people of Kogi state. She urged the market women to vote for them and to encourage their friends and families to do the same.

The head of the Market Women Association also addressed the gathering, emphasizing the need for women to participate actively in politics and exercise their right to vote. She encouraged the women to support Ododo/Joel, stating that they were the best candidates for the job.

The attendees expressed their support for Ododo/Joel, stating that they believed in their vision for Kogi state. They pledged to mobilize their fellow market women and their families to vote for them in the upcoming election.

The meeting was a success, with Hajiya Momo Rabi and the head of the Market Women Association rallying support for Ododo/Joel among the market women. With their support, Ododo/Joel stands a good chance of winning the election and bringing positive change to Kogi state.

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