April 16, 2024

I Will Attract Investments to Kogi, if Elected Governor— Dr. Sanusi Ohiare

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By:Abubakar S. H

A former Executive Director of Rural Electrification Agency and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in kogi State, Dr. Sanusi Ohiare, has expressed his willingness and reasons why he’s contesting for governorship election in the state.

Speaking in a Governorship media parley organized by the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Lokoja on Wednesday, the young and energetic Governorship hopeful said that if elected, he would bring development to the state, which is in need of huge economic growth.

For Dr. Ohiare , he is very optimistic of grabbing the sole ticket of the party to contest in the exercise.

According to him, “My chances of becoming the party’s candidate and winning the next governorship election in kogi State are bright.”

Dr. Ohiare who is popularly called ” Rural Doctor”, also promised to harness the huge resources in the state, shore up revenue and fill the gap in infrastructure.

“I have what it takes in terms of exposure, education and vision to lead kogi State to the next level of development. I came from a political background that everyone in kogi knows. Prior to that, I was active in student politics during my days in University of Jos.

“I have a lot of contacts both locally and internationally that can be harnessed to bring in the much needed investment to develop the state.I have a lot of passion for rural dwellers, Before i resigned from Rural Electrification project, many projects are been done in kogi state, an example was the high colon electricity projects taking place at Itobe and Jamata bridges. I want to leave a legacy of good governance,” Dr. Ohiare boasted.

Dr. Ohiare is a grassroots politician and a native of Adavi local government area of Kogi State, vowed that he would ensure all necessary mechanisms of crisis control are put in place and I can assure you that rather than lose members of our party to any post primary election crisis, my candidature will further unite the party, bring in new members and further assuage the feelings of other aggrieved members.”

He further stressed that “ If given the mandate, he will leverage on the infrastructural development efforts of the incumbent Governor. All that is needed is a visionary leader, who can think out of the box, come up with solutions that will address the paucity of development in the state.

” Kogi, being an agrarian community, would encourage our civil servants, and indigenes to go into massive farming,we will create an enabling environment for them and provide farming tools, we will also increase productivity through massive investment in agriculture, agro-industry and agri-business. I am committed to building a state where there would be economic buoyancy, a hub of modern development and beehive of business investments and employment generation activities,” he said.

The politician promised to create new jobs, ensure proper Vocational/technical training and enabling environment for the civil servants in the state.

Dr. Ohiare , who praised the Incumbent Governor for contributing towards the development of the state, promised to lead an all-inclusive government, bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, provide developmental initiatives and encourage youths and women in skill acquisition scheme and vocational training.

“Having garnered experiences in private and government agencies, I have decided to bring to bear the flourishing and unending exposure I have acquired over the years to serve the people of my dear state. I feel there is no better time than to contribute at a higher pedestal to the development of Kogi State than now. All I can do is to strive to do better,” he disclosed.

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