April 16, 2024

I’m not in Governorship Race To Step Down For Anybody, Says Dele Bello-Williams

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By: Abubakar S. H

Governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in Kogi State, Dele Bello-Williams has vowed not to step down for anyone ahead of November gubernatorial election.

There are rumours being peddled in some quarters within the state that Dele has stepped down or withdrawn his ambition for Hon. Leke Abejide, who is also contesting in a separate faction of the same party platform – ADC.

In a telephone interview with Nigerian Trend on Sunday, he said no one has held any negotiations with him and “nobody can force me to step down for another candidate at this material time. Even if any negotiations were to be held.”

Dele Bello-Williams said, “I bought my form and contested a legitimate primary election, other candidates bought their forms, and so, I don’t see any reason I should go and negotiate with somebody else and thereby betray the trust of my supporters across the state. I have never thought of that.
I’m in the race to win. I’m not ready to step down for anybody.”

According to him, “I have my grassroots base and supporters, I didn’t come on my own to contest. My people called on me to aspire for the position in order to salvage the state. Some people specialise in peddling rumours because of their greed. They have no interest in helping the masses. I am fully committed to improving the lives of the masses in Kogi state’’.

He added, ” I am a man of principles, with very strong belief in God’s will. God gives power to whomever He chooses, irrespective of the arrogance of so called powerful men. I have my priorities clear, let the rumour peddlers continue in their folly. They have probably resorted to this tactic of rumour mongering because they are jittery, confused or unsure of themselves and their candidates. They have inadvertently admitted that I am the most credible candidate in this race,”

He challenged any persons or group with proof that he had stepped down for another candidate to come forward. He pledged to carry his supporters and people of the state along throughout the campaign and promises full transparency with any decisions that emanates from his camp. He asked his supporters to disregard “the malicious stories about stepping down secretly and to remain focused on the task ahead.”
Bello-Williams also said.

“Kogi state needs a Governor that understands evidence based decision making, that will have transformative impacts on citizens’ lives in the long-term. He reiterated that credible leadership is not all about money. ‘’The integrity, experience and commitment to lead counts for a lot. I have a global brand and reputation for leading people and projects successfully. I am the man for the job of Kogi State governor for this season. I have not stepped down’’, he concluded.

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