April 16, 2024


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When I wanted to put this piece together, I came up with a title “KOGI 2023 GUBER: AN OPEN LETTER TO GOV. YAHAYA BELLO.

Along the line, I decided to change it because the actual goal driving the idea behind penning this down is basically not to plead with, or advise Gov. Yahaya Bello to support Hon. Faleke, but the concern of what Kogi State can achieve in the next political dispensation.

As it stands now, our next President is, His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who I am safe to extend his traditional title beyond that of Borgu territory, but as Jagaban of Africa

While his numerous supporters and other Nigerians are still savouring his victory, we Kogites must begin to plan ahead on how we can position the State to benefit from his government when he assumes office come May 29, 2023 God willing.

The political trajectory of Kogi State in 2015 was such that followed the path of fate, wrongly or rightly. In that election, Late Abubakar Audu who had a joint ticket in the 2015 governorship election with Hon. James Faleke, and who was already coasting to victory, died mysteriously some hours to their announcement.

Many had thought that, as a joint heir, Faleke would inherit the victory, but the party hierarchy decided to pass the mandate to Alh. Yahaya Bello who came second in the primary election of the party. Some had viewed the decision as a case of passing the inheritance of a man to a family member when he died leaving a child behind. The propriety of such decision, though it had a judicial backing, still left some people thinking.

However, the man, James Faleke who, it was widely believed to have pooled more of the resources for the election, accepted the decision with equanimity.

Be that as it may, the focus of this piece is on the economic prosperity of Kogi State and her citizens in the next political dispensation.

Hon. James Faleke, a fourth time winner of Ikeja Federal Constituency is a foremost loyalist of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who stood by him throughout his political ordeal to Presidency . This man is a Kogite from a village called Ekinrin-Adde in Kogi West Senatorial District. He sought for an opportunity to contribute to the development of his fatherland but was denied in 2015. Here comes another golden opportunity for him to make these contributions. It is an opportunity for the state and the citizenry to benefit immensely in the next administration through him. I am not trying to sell the candidature of Hon. James Faleke to anyone because, in Marketing, a good product doesn’t need much advertisement.

Among all the retinue of aspirants that have signified interest, Faleke stands out like the Northern Star.
Therefore, if Gov. Yahaya Bello wants to bequeath the state to a safe hand such that the soul of his administration can rest in peace after leaving the office, it is Hon. James Faleke. It is also an opportunity for Gorvernor Yahaya Bello to make restitution to a man who was the major financier of the mandate he enjoys today. Call it an atonement, you can’t be wrong. He is the only person Gov. Yahaya Bello can throw his support behind and go to sleep. And by so doing, he would have initiated POWER ROTATION for equity and justice which the people have been agitating for over the years. This will equally engender political harmony among other things.

Hon. James Faleke, in the course of his expedition in Kogi politics, has built networks of political allies even beyond Kogi West Senatorial District where he comes from. For example, one of such political allies is Alh. (Dr.) Sanusi Abukakar Gamji from Kogi Central Senatorial District who worked assiduously with him using his independent campaign organization, TSG- By TEAM GAMJI for the realization of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Presidency.

Kogi State is blessed with mineral resources with the best geographical location, sharing boundaries with 10 other states including Abuja. There are vast opportunities that will be open to Kogi State in Tinubu’s Administration if Hon. James Faleke accepts to become the next Gov. of Kogi State due to his roles in Tinubu’s victory. With his vast political and administrative experience, he is well positioned to harvest so many opportunities for the benefit of the state and her citizenry. He is such a man whose main goal in life now is self-actualization, being the last human needs.

Ajaokuta Steel Plant that has been bedeviled with political schemings will surely come to life if James Faleke accepts the mantle of leading Kogi State. He will surely use his position to bring more developmental projects from the Centre. Local and state governments workers will have what belong to them. The economic fortune of the state will boom and businesses will come back to life.

In conclusion, I beseech Hon. James Faleke to look back to his homestate, Kogi State and heed the patriotic calls of the people urging him to contest for the upcoming Kogi State Gubernatorial election.

According to the Latin phrase, Vox populi, vox Dei.

Onoruoiza Alabi
~ writes from Lokoja

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