April 16, 2024

Kogi governorship election: CPDD Mobilises Support for Muri Ajaka, commences weekly” kogi Decision 2023″ Radio talkshow.

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Treasure Ochemeje Lokoja

The aspiration of the governorship candidate of the Social Democratic party SDP in the forthcoming election in kogi state, Alhaji Muritala Ajaka received a boost as Centre for Peace, Democracy and development CPDD has begun a weekly radio programmes’ Kogi Decide” to Showcase his capacity to govern the state before the electorate.

The Kogi Decide, a 30 minutes talkshow tagged “kogi Decision” debut its first edition on Grace Fm 95.5 Lokoja on Tuesday, 29, 2023.

Speaking to Journalists in Lokoja, the producer of the programme, and CEO of Center for Peace, Democracy and Development, Dan Alphaeus Adejo noted that the essence of the programme is to raise consciousness and to spike a conversation about the eligibility, capacity and competence of Muritala Yakubu Ajaka.

Adejoh , explained that based on the antecedents and track records of SDP candidate, it has become imperative for the electorate across Kogi irrespective of ethnic, class and religious sentiments, to mobilise total Support for him , to launch the state into social and economic hub of the country.

He said with the rising profile and acceptability of the SDP candidate, a concerted efforts by the people of the state is needed to translate the momentum into actual votes.
He said both commentators and analysts on the progi have tacitly predicted that Muritala Ajaka , if all things being equal, the outcome of the election will swing to his favour.

According to Adejoh, “With the election in Kogi drawing near, the political landscape has been marked by intense competition among various candidates. Alhaji Muritala Yakubu Ajaka , of the SDP has consistently stood out drawing an organic and infestious followership due to his experience and well-articulated vision and mission for the state.
He said his popularity was heightened by both the panelists and contributors to the programme, who acknowledged Alhaji Muritala’s roles in providing relief to 2022 flood-ravaged victims, personal sacrifices and community development to be of significant contributions to his success at the poll.
” His track record is seen as a testament to his commitment to the welfare of the citizens, instilling trust in his ability to effectively address the state’s most pressing issues.
” Ajaka’s comprehensive vision for the state, which encompasses vital areas such as providing employment and generating revenues through the utilisation of the state’s vast mineral resources, healthcare, education, infrastructure, and economic development, have placed him far ahead of his competitors.
“He has successfully cultivated broad-based public support across diverse ethnic groups, resonating with voters from various backgrounds. His ability to unite these communities under a common goal reflects his strong leadership qualities and positioned him as the candidate to secure victory at the polls.” He hinted.

While stressing that the participants showed degree of excitement and expectations in assuring electorate to come out enmass to vote for Muritala Ajaka, urged the people to eschew actions that will ignite violence and breach of security before, during and after the election.

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