Kogi Guber 2023: Mubarak picks NNPP Governorship nomination form.

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The Chairman of AL-Mubee Group of companies, who is a well-known philanthropist and community leader, has picked his nomination form to contest for gubernatorial race on the platform of New Nigeria People’s Party NNPP.

Mubarak , said his decision was a demonstration of his aspiration to run for the 2023 election if his party field him.

He noted that the party was prepared to take over the political space of kogi just as the party did in kano state and promised to provide good leadership in the state.

He enjoined kogians to see the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), as a veritable alternative to advance good governance in the state.

Mubarak who addressed media men at the state Secretariat of the NNPP, while collecting the forms purchased, maintained that, his party, the NNPP, would takeover power in 2023.

“This is a progressive party that want to change the political landscape of this state. If you go to any ward now, the party, people are talking about now is the NNPP. Those who want to grow Kogi state should join NNPP,” the presidential aspirant stated.

He continued: “This state has never been divided like this before and we are people who want to unite this kogi state, regardless of religion and tribe because the state is for all of us,”

“Let me at this point also, invite all kogi people to register in NNPP. Go to your wards and register. We have been printing membership cards and they are being exhausted due to our new entrants, be rest assured we will continue to meet the demand, he stated.

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