April 16, 2024

Kogi Hajj Commission Explains Reason For Increase In 2023 Hajj Fare

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By:Abubakar S. H

The Kogi state Hajj commission today, Friday 19th May, 2023 explained the reason for the last minute increase in the 2023 hajj fare by the National Hajj commission, (NAHCON).

The chairman of the commission, Sheikh Luqman Imam Abdullahi, while addressing intending pilgrims at the Hajj commission premises in Lokoja, said the increase was necessitated by the crisis in Sudan, which has forced the air transporters to change their route.

He explained that the new route  has a two hours time difference from the Sudan route which is far shorter than the new route.

According to the chairman, in order to reduce the Burden on intending  pilgrims, they will now receive 700 dollars as against the initial 800 dollars budgeted as Basic Traveling Allowance, (BTA) in payment for the increase.

The chairman noted that  NAHCON had to engage Federal Authorities to Appeal for removal or reduction in Air line aviation charges, to reduce the financial burden on the pilgrims.

He enjoined the pilgrims to accept this decision in good faith.

He also advised intending pilgrims to be prudent in their spending to ameliorate the hardship the reduction in their BTA will cause them.

In addition, he urged all intending pilgrims to ensure payment of their Hadaya money in Nigeria before traveling instead of paying in dollars in the holy land of Makkah.

He stressed the need for pilgrims to be very careful with their BTA so as not to fall victim of fraudsters.

The chairman enjoined intending pilgrims to exercise patience and restraint while in the holy land, saying that hajj exercise requires a lot of patience and sacrifice.

He warned that pilgrims should adhere strictly to the rules guiding hajj operation, by avoiding carrying and item that is prohibited by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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