Kogi West Powershift Lead Agitator : Ohikere says Its Not negotiable

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By: Abubakar S. H

The kogi central born powershift agitator to kogi west in kogi state, Dr. Ray Tom Ohikere has maintained that the rotation of the Governorship race to kogi west is not negotiable.

Dr. Tom Ohikere explained that it was necessary for the position of the Governorship to shift to kogi west in 2023 for the sake of decency, justice and equity.

Speaking to Nigerian Trend on Sunday, Ohikere said the issue of rotational guber race between the East, Central and West was a national consensus.

Ohikere said, “The political culture since 1999 at the return to democratic rule is that the office of the President and governorship in Nigeria Should be rotated. With that trend, it is clear, for the sake of equity in kogi state that the next Governor should come from kogi west.

“We, kogi patriots in Abuja have expressed our support for the declaration of somebody from kogi west as the next Governor of kogi state. As a result of that declaration, every kogians from kogi state should be gentlemanly enough to abide by that declaration.

There was a gentleman agreement before now that that the governorship in kogi state should be rotated between the East, Central and the west. It is a national consensus.”

Also, the spokesman for kogi west, Yinka odeola said those saying the Central and East possessed the voting strength to remain in power beyond 2023 were not sincere and working against justice, fairness and equity.

“It is human nature; man is a selfish being, and if you allow the East and Central , they would want to rule for 50 years. They know the benefits they have appropriated to themselves since assumption of office.

“It for us, the people of kogi west to stand firm and remain resolute to say that after eight years of a kogi central governor , fairness, justice and equity demands that it should come down to the kogi west . The attitude of our people should be that this (power shift) is non-negotiable.

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