April 16, 2024

Lokoja Residents Experience Heavy Rainfall

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By :Abubakar S. H

After several months of enduring heat, residents of Lokoja, the Kogi State capital witnessed its first heavy downpour on Monday morning.

The rain started in the early hours of the night, waking people up from their sweat soaked sleep.

The heavy Rain came calmly without the usual traumatic storms, thunder and lightening as excited residents defied sleep to quickly arranged several containers to collect and store water.

Lokoja, where Rivers Niger and Benue meet before flowing down south into the Atlantic Ocean, is a hot city. Residents have been looking up to God praying fervently in churches and mosques for the rain.

The rain also poured in other areas of the state, particularly across Kogi West. Immediately the rain stopped people trouped to their farms in agrarian communities.

Earlier, a pastor and journalist, Mike Abu, in one of his sermon, has prayed for rain and it became a reality, ” Today, you will experience a heavy downpour of God’s blessings”,

” There will be a heavy downpour of heaven’s rain and God’s favor in your life today. This is because he knows and will call you by your name. It’s your turn and you have been remembered”.

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