My prediction on Hon. David Zacharias has come to pass – Nigerian Trend Publisher.

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By:Abubakar S. H

The publisher of Nigerian Trend, Abubakar Sule Hassan has been vindicated when he said despite all odds and gang up against Hon. David Zacharias, he will come victorious.

He stated this at Lokoja while apraising his write up few day to the elections, on the 25th February National Assembly elections.

Comrade Hassan noted that he was very glad the people in the constituency massively voted for David Zacharias.

He said, “The All Progressives Congress supporters are happy to have Hon. Zacharias and a big and strong statement was made by the electorate.

He said, “ I harped on this fact and was insulted and called names ; but my words have come to pass.

The wise thing for the
Igalas to do is to tell themselves the truth that they alone cannot make kogi state.

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