Obangogo Hill is located in Kabba Kogi State, Nigeria.

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Obangogo Hill is one of the most magnificent hills in the country and a tourist center to look out for.

In reality, Obangogo is more captivating than the famous Olumo Rock in Abeokuta.

There have been calls for Obangogo Hill and Nature Park to be recognized by UNESCO because of its Cultural and Natural history.

Aside the serene environment that makes meditation enjoyable, there are some unique features of the hill that makes it stand out from other tourist centers in Nigeria.

There is a portion of the rock that sounds as good as a talking drum when you hit it.

Obangogo has five mystical lakes on the hill called ‘’Ako’’ and they never run out of water all year round. The lake served as the main source of water for the people in ancient times.

The rocks on the hills are in different beautiful shapes and forms.

One mysterious facts surrounding obangogo hill include the story of Elegha Ako kereje, the coffin that transformed into a stone.

It is believed that the water on the hill has healing powers to cure diseases.

It is also believed that any prayer rendered on the hill will most likely manifest.

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