April 16, 2024

Palliatives : ASCSN Urges Gov. Bello To Address Worker’s Wage Increase

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By Abubakar S.H

* Appeals To His Excellency To Emulate Federal Government On Increase

The Kogi State Government has been called upon to emulate the palliative scheme of the Federal Government by approving the Thirty-Five Thousand Naira (N35,000) wage package for the state civil servants.

Chairman of the State chapter of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, ASCSN, Comrade Sule Ahmed Tijani made the call in Lokoja, on Tuesday, on the occasion of the Annual Seminar/Workshop organized by the Association.

Tijani said the removal of Subsidy on fuel had inflicted untold hardship on the average Nigerian worker, especially Kogi Civil Servants, noting that it had also affected them in the performance of their duties.

He alluded that workers in the state civil service were already traumatized as a result of the economic hardship as a result of the removal, and therefore called on Governor Yahaya Bello to consider the plight of Pensioners and other vulnerable citizens of the state by working out appropriate palliative measures for them

According to him, the organized labour, the TUC, NLC and the JPSNC, were already interfacing with the state government on the hardship being experienced by workers in the performance of their duties due to the negative impact of the economy.

He also used the forum to remind civil servants in the state of the need to continue to perform their duties in allegiance and loyalty to the government in power, adding that they must be committed to their duties and also defend the interest of government.

The Chairman encouraged workers to leverage on the constitutional provisions which grant the civil rights the rights to be active in Partisan Politics, noting that it’s the only way to better their lot in in the current political atmosphere of the country.

“It is for this reason I urge us all to take a bold step by joining Political Parties of our choices and participate actively and vote for candidate we can hold accountable for whatever they in their manifestos.”

However, irrespective of our individual party affiliation, as civil servants, we must not forget that in the performance of our duties, our allegiance and loyalty to the government and party in power must not be doubted. We must be committed to our duties and also defend the interest of government in our line of duties.”

He commended Gov. Bello for cash-backing promotions for civil servants, hoping that he will do same when the need arises again.

Tijani implored workers to pray fervently for the speedy approval and smooth implementation of the new minimum wage by the state government.

In a message to the occasion, the State Head of Civil Service, Mrs. Hannah Odio described the civil servant as the brain behind the implementation of government policies and programs for rapid and sustainable government which are carried out through their core
Principles, including stewardship, trust, engagement and professionalism.

She said it was therefore imperative that civil servants abstain from partisan politics, noting that it’s against the civil service guidelines which prohibits them from participation.

Odio reiterated that civil servants must restrict themselves to professionalism which defines the policy framework for good governance.

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