April 16, 2024

PDP, Other Parties are on wild goose chase – Kogi Former Speaker

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By:Abubakar S. H

The Former Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly Rt. Hon Abdullahi Bello has stated that the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) and cohorts are on wild goose chase in their attempt to dislodge the President-elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and his Vice-President elect, Dist Sen Kashimu Shettima.

In his reaction to the Supreme Court judgment that threw away the law suit initiated by the Peoples Democratic Party challenging the alleged double nomination of Sen Kashimu Shettima, Bello said;

” They’re busy bodies lacking minimal sense of intelligence, and bound to fail in their main petition for lacking in merit and failure to prove their frivolous claims beyond reasonable doubt”.

He went further to state that the APC Presidential election victory was in perfect order.

According to him, “Our 25th February presidential election victory was in full compliance with the electoral act and the 1999 Constitution as amended, and thus, these busy bodies (PDP, LP & CO) are wasting the time of the courts”.

” They needed to pursue this matter just to give false hope to their blind followers, even though they knew that they will lose in court”. And they’ve just lost one at the Supreme Court by today’s judgement, and surely they will continue to lose,he stressed.

For instance, he questioned, “how can PDP and LP, and their candidates asked for invalidation of the votes of APC while leaving their own intact? How? How possible is that, he asked?

For example, he said where PDP and LP won, those votes are valid, but that of APC should be rejected, and incidentally, APC took second position behind both parties in some States, yet they want those APC votes cancelled leaving their own to count.
What a funny demand!

PDP and others who are questioning the legibility of either Asiwaju or Shettima to contest the 2023 presidential election are wasting their time, as , “Allah Subhanahu Wa Tahala has ordained these two gentlemen to lead this country at this period in our political history”.

“What Asiwaju went through since 2015 in APC is enough for any PhD students to take as dissertation in any university in the world”,  he said.

He finally, “urged all former presidential candidates of other parties to put behind themselves the 2023 general elections and work with Asiwaju and Shettima towards a renew Nigeria, where minimum standard will be set for good governance and national healings”.

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