April 16, 2024

Rainfall During President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Inauguration: Prophetic Signs and Blessings

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By:Abubakar S. H

The Heavy Rainfall on the very day of sworing-in and inauguration of President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu was generally seen as a prophetic sign and blessings.

Though, critics said the heavy rain was considered to be a case of well-timed pathetic fallacy, majority see the rain as the sign of a ‘blessing’

The Rain pour started to fall the real day of inauguration across the States few minutes President Tinubu came into the venue at Eagle Square, Abuja.

This positive development was taken as a prophetic sign by supporters and clergymen.

While those in the opposition to the new President considered the rainfall to be a case of well-timed pathetic fallacy, saying the sky shedding tears in response to the transition of power — others perceived the rain as the sign of a “blessing”.

President Tinubu was cheered and praised to be a God sent president who will savaged the country from its suffering and hardship.

As the new president took to the mic to make his first address to Nigerians as President, people could be seen sporting heavy rainall.

Meanwhile, many Tinubu supporters saw the rainfall as a religious sign from above, indicating that the president was a “blessing” for the Nigerian people.

Tinubu’s ardent supporter, Bello Salihu said : “Rain is a sign of God’s blessing”, cited that, according to the Bible and Quran, rain is a sign of God’s blessing.

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