Reactions Trail President Tinubu’s Daughter As She Declare Self As Iyaloja-General Of Nigeria

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By:Abubakar S. H

Barely two days into his administration, the daughter of the newly sworn-in president of Nigeria, Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, has declared herself the Iyaloja-General of the republic.

Folashade Tinubu, the Iyaloja of Lagos markets, recently crowned herself as the Iyaloja-General of Nigeria.

Iyaloja is a Yoruba word that translates to “Mother of the Market” in South Western states. It is an elective position commonly used to refer to market leader.

Many traders in the North have reacted against the move, saying that President Tinubu’s daughter should limit herself to the western states.

A Reknown trader in Central market, Kaduna state, Mallam Adamu Yusuf, said every regional states has its own market women leaders, “the North has market leaders, Ibis in the South East has their own and South South also has their own. So, we advise that President Tinubu’s Daughter should limit her leadership to the south west” he said.

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