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Dear PDP Delegates Kogi State…

 With sincere concerns i appeal to your conscience  that beyond the commercial benefits of being a delegate lies the four years of good governance that maximally delivers the dividend of democracy. 

This means your job as delegates goes beyond getting the immediate benefits of making money from contestants to include thorough search to get a good and credible candidate out of the numerous aspirants to become the standard bearer and ensure the victory at the general elections.

It is on the above premise I write to consciously appeal to your conscience to ensure Alhaji Abdullahi Haruna SAN emerges through your votes on the 15th April 2023, as the candidate of the party for Kogi state governorship.

This will amongst other benefits, ensure an easy campaign for our dear party (PDP) at the general elections. The job of canvassing for votes becomes minimal and non hectic the moment Alhaji Abdullahi Haruna SAN becomes the standard bearer of the party.

I am passionately appealing to you all to use your voting powers to elect Alhaji Abdullahi Haruna SAN, so as to ease our campaigns as his credibility, competence, experience and intellectual prowess will serve as strength for the campaign.

What then is the relevance of the delegates whose party will not win the general elections? Just think of the above question and act properly. God bless you all abundantly as you have Alhaji Abdullahi Haruna SAN in mind.

Courtesy :Gowon

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