The Indelible Legacy of Gyb

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It is however praiseworthy that more than seven years down the road, the atmosphere of indifference toward his emergence as a governor is completely dissipated. Hitherto, the naysayers held a creed that the governor was a greenhorn in politics and politically naïve, hence he must be done away with. So, most of the bashing he received was primarily because of the wrong perception that some people had of him which they fervently fed the public with, and as the saying goes, “no matter how fast a lie runs, the truth will someday overtake it”; and here is the moment of truth.

One of the unhidden legacies of Governor Yahaya Bello is his ability to foster peace, unity and cohesion in all the nooks and cranny of Kogi State. This may look abstract but the evidence of this legacy in the state is undisputable. One cannot overemphasized the essence of peace, unity and cohesion in the state. This is so much so that peace, unity, and cohesion are imperative for economic stability, good governance, national security, social cohesion, and good interpersonal relationship. A society without peace, unity, and cohesion as a foundation is in a state of Armageddon heading for the Apocalypse.

Governor Yahaya Bello having rooted out the dirt, debris, decay, and malodorous elements in the fabric body of our politics, began the making of a new Kogi state where everyone thrives and feels safe. GYB just like a dexterous engineer, constructed modern hospitals, progressive schools, durable roads, and other critical infrastructures. It must be said that this is a masterstroke legacy in the state and remarkable evidence of an indelible legacy.

GYB legacy in Kogi state should by every means possible be consolidated and sustained. The legacy is a buffer for the present generation and the ones to come. GYB has thus become the epitome of modern reformer and bringer of fortunes that must be immortalized.

Written by
Barr. E.O Shadrach, FICMC.

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