Unlawful closure of worship centre,Court fixed 15th March for hearing.

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Emmanuel kehinde,Ilorin

The Federal High Court sitting in Ilorin ,presided forover by Justice Muhammed Sanni has fixed 15th March this year for mention in a Fifty million naira suit institute by Abdullahi Mohammed and one other against the Inspector general of Police over alleged unlawful closure of their worship center.

Other respondents in the matter include, Commisssioner of Police Kwara state command,Divisional Police Officer Lafiagi,Musa Nadagi of Manyisa Compound ,and Gimba Nnatsowako Compound all of Lafiagi in Edu local government area of Kwara state.

In the ground of relief issued by Messer Smith Esq,the applicant said on 11th and 12th of November 2022,while they were praying in their mosque at Ndamayaki Compound Lafiagi ,a group led by the fourth respondent Musa Nadagi Manyisa of Manyisa compound instructed Gimba Alhassan of Nnatsowako compound and others to attack the applicants group in their mosque at lafiagi.

The statement said during the attack some of the applicants group members were injured and taken to the nearby hospital.

It said when the attack was going on the second applicant Aliyu Mazuma advised the first applicant to report the matter to the Police but that the divisional Police Officer failed to show up untill much damages had been done to the applicants.

The statement said on 12th November 2022,the divisional Police Officer in Lafiagi ,the 3rd respondents went to the Jamaatul Ahlu Sunnah Salafi-yat Mosque of the applicants without any reasonable ground.

The statement said the applicant and their members are law abiding citizens with respect to constituted authority.

The statement said the applicants approached the divisional Police Officer on the closure of their mosque but he refused their pleadings.

The statement urged the court to compell the the respondents jointly and severally to immediately open the applicants Jama’atul Ahlu Sunnah Salafi-yat Mosque at Ndamayaki Lafiagi .


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