We must chase out the buccaneers and vampires From PDP – Gov. Wike

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By:Abubakar S. H

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, on Thursday, took on the leadership of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, saying that G5 will chase out the buccaneers and vampires from PDP.

Gov. Wike who mocked the PDP leaders while speaking at the commissioning of Igwuruta internal roads in the Ikwerre Local Government Area (LGA) of Rivers State.

” We are going to chase them out of the party and take our party, we will rebuild our party,” he said.

“In the last election, I won three of the Senate seats, three over three. Ask them, did they win three over three? They cannot win, small party defeated them in their states, ” he said.

“I told them; they said they would conspire against me. Those who said they’ll conspire against me are those wearing black, I am wearing white and they’re wearing black.”

Wike, who is a member of the G5, the group of five aggrieved PDP governors who refused to campaign for Atiku on the grounds that his candidacy allegedly violated the party’s constitution.

In the build-up to the presidential election, the rift between the G5, a group of five aggrieved PDP governors, including Wike, and the party’s national leadership proved irreconcilable.

Gov. Wike and 4 other colleagues are opposed to the zoning of presidential candidate to the north, the governor is widely believed to have spearheaded the APC’s unprecedented victory in Rivers.

He however denies being involved in any anti-party activity, saying he fought for the unity of the country.

To him, the alleged anti-party actions belong to “them at the national level in PDP”.

Wike said what could be “more anti-party” than party members abandoning the provisions of their constitution that talk about zoning of elective and appointive offices.

” They refused to obey the constitution of your party because of impunity, because you think you have the number, you refused to obey the provisions of the constitution of your party, and we that say Nigeria must be one, Nigeria must be united, Nigeria must work for our people, [and] let everybody have hope, who committed anti-party [activities]? They are the ones who committed anti-party [misconduct],” he said.

On recently concluded Presidential election, Wike assured PDP supporters that the first phase of the “war” is over, adding that the second phase is about to begin, he promise to deliver the governorship and state Assembly to PDP.

According to him, “The second phase of the war: We must chase out the buccaneers and vampires. We are going to chase them out of the party and take our party and rebuild our party,” he said.

“These people abandoned and kill the party before now and ran away, the party lost, they are back again , our party lost again. They’ve destroyed the PDP.

“ We will reclaim our party from them, We’re going to chase them out of the party. They have no role to play for our party. I warned them, they refused to listen, i said agreement is agreement.” but did not listen.

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