April 16, 2024

We Were Trained To Honour And Respect Our Elders – Kogi Assembly Speaker

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By Abubakar S. H

“Whether as a lawmaker, the speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly or as an ordinary politician, I know my origin,says the Speaker of kogi state House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Aliyu Umar Yusuf

According to him, “I am a typical village man born and bred in Lokoja. I am a typical Eddo man. I am a Kakanda man and I am proud of my culture”.

“We were trained to honour and respect our elders. I honour and respect anyone I come across because that is the orientation we had since childhood. I am a real da’lib or what some people call ‘Almajiri.’

“We were not born with even a wooden spoon, talk more or a plastic or silver one. We believe in our humble beginning and that Allah decides destinies, hence, nobody is to be looked down upon in this fleeting moments of everyday life.

“Nothing life throws at us will change us from who we originally were. Respect and prayer are  ingredients with which we live our lives and existence and we will never depart from it.”

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