Why Nigeria Should Amend Constitution To Pave Way For An Elected President and Six Regional Vice president – Pa Kayode Omojowo

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A seasoned administrator and an experienced pottery farmer, Elder Kayode Omojowo, has said the National Assembly should amend the constitution to pave way for a sitting president and six Regional Vice president in the country adding that it will save Nigeria from the brink of collapsed.

Speaking during his visit to the NUJ Press centre, Lokoja recently, the 76 years old man said he advised the federal government, House of Representatives and National Assembly members to call for an emergency electoral bill ammendment of the Constitution and ensure that leading presidential candidates governed all states were they got 25% during election.

“I am sorry for the state of Nigeria and the challenges facing the country, we need to remember the parliamentary system of government in this country, in this coming election or in future, we need a main president and six vice president that can hold their regions, it will save Nigeria from the brink.”

The former Chairman of Kayomot farms, Dominion guest Inn and the Rapture Table water further said the leading six presidential candidates should be allowed to governed any states which they were able to score 25% as regional vice president while the candidate with majority votes should be the main president , saying that the job of presidency will be a less burden to the main president in the country.

The septugarian who is also a retired senior pastor of Truth and Bible Church also noted that, Nigeria needs to revert back to a new system of government to address the insecurity bedevelling it and corruption inhibiting the development of the country.”

He said when you have vice president of South south, South East, North Central, North west, North East and South West, the main president will have less work to do, he however said peter Obi should be considered as vice president of South East, Atiku Abubakar as vice president of North East, Asiwaju Tinubu as vice president of South west and Kwankwaso as vice president of North West and so on,depends on who emerged.

Omojowo further stressed that the ‘new suggested policy’ if amended by the National Assembly, will be cheaper, more accountable and sustainable, and will enable the vice president to perform creditably in their various regions , he said the head of government, the president must go to the Forum of National Assembly and Vice presidents for approval of any of its policies or decisions and cannot become an autocrat, else he would be removed.

He added, “it will be less expensive, it is same electorates that would vote both the president and six regional vice president and the candidate with the majority votes will be the president, he said.

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